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YH-400W Semi-automatic USB data cable and wire coil winding machine with type O or 8 shape twining tool


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1: This machine is suitable for the winding of wires and cables, etc. It can be wound into a circle, a figure of eight, a pie, etc.
2: With winding reels of different outer diameters and different numbers of winding rods, it can be wound into circles of different sizes, figure-eights and other shapes.
3: Customized different winding jigs can be wound into different effects. If the USB data cable has the most winding changes, it can be wound. We have a variety of fixtures to choose from.
4: Both the foot switch and the panel buttons can control the operation of the machine.
5: Models can be customized according to different winding needs of customers.
6: Choose different models according to different wire diameters and lengths




This machine is suitable for AC power cords, DC power cords, USB cables, sheathed cables and HDMI high-definition cables and other wires to be rounded or 8-shaped, but for different winding requirements, the fixture needs to be replaced. Before placing an order, the customer Need to inform us of wire size and winding requirements. Communicate which model can meet customer requirements.




Name: YH-400W Semi-automatic winding machine
Power supply: 220 V/110V
Power: 400W
Weight: 20KG
Diameter of winding reel: 300MM
Number of winding rods: Default 2 roots (Max 6 roots)
Shape after winding: "0" or "8"shape
Can the winding fixture be installed: Yes
Number of coils: Can be set
Rotating speed: Can be set
Braking method: Set brake
Can the output be counted: Yes
Forward and reverse: Can be switched
Winding diameter and length: Consult customer service for specific situations, usually within 5mm of outer diameter and within 100 meters of winding
Remark The winding fixture can be customized according to customer needs








DC Brushless Motor


Stepper Motor


DC Brushless Motor


Stepper Motor

Power supply:  220V/110V 50-60HZ   
Power  200W  250W  400W  400W
Maximum wire outer diameter  3MM  5MM  10MM  10MM
Maximum winding length  3M  100M  9M  100M
Diameter of winding reel:  200MM  180/150MM  180/300MM  180/300MM
Number of winding rods:     Default 2 roots (Max 6 roots)
Shape after winding:     "0" or "8"shape(Customized fixtures, wind other shapes)
Whether the winding jig can be customized     Yes,The winding fixture can be customized according to customer needs
 Remark  Before placing an order, please inform us of the size and specifications of the wire, and what shape it is wound into, so as to determine whether the machine meets the requirements



1. Why choose us?
We provide overall solutions for processing equipment. Our standard equipment is very complete, all are in stock and can be shipped quickly. We have our own equipment factory, which can lightly customize equipment according to customer requirements, such as ordering different appearances and brands for agents, and non-standard equipment according to customer requirements.


2. Should I worry about the quality?
Before delivery, we do test the machine working condition for you.
Take a video of the normal operation of the machine to you, and then confirm the delivery


3.How can I know your machine is designed for my product?
You tell us the specific parameters of your product, or you can send us samples of your product and we test it on machine.
Video for you to make samples


4. How to operate the equipment?
My friend, don't worry about it, we have made vedio for you, it will show you how to do it step by step. Contact our engineers at any time when you don’t understand, support video and telephone communication


5.When the machine can't work well,What should I do?
The Engineer is online for 24-hours, they can check the problems and then give you solution way very soon. Please rest assured that manual will be offered along with machine,ensuring you can operate the machine easily.


6.Do your product have warranty and refund or return?
Yes, All our products have one year warranty and no reason refund within 7 days after customer received product(customer need to pay for the Return shipping fee


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